Join-Startups for developers

Retrieve lists of jobs, segmented by city and field from the Join-Startups API.


The Join-Startups API requires a (free!) account to use.

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You authenticate to the Join-Startups API by providing an API key in your request. You can manage your API keys from your account. HTTP Basic Auth takes care of authentication to the API, provided you pass your API key as your username and do not pass a password.

API requests are (currently) served without SSL, which means your API key is passed in plaintext and could be intercepted by a third-party. Be careful! (We'll likely fix this soon.)


Example Request

curl -u js_key_here:

(Login, and I'll show your working API key.)

JobResponse objects

JobResponse objects refer to jobs posted on Join-Startups. The API allows you to fetch lists of jobs, sorting by optional city and field parameters.



id string ID of the job
company string Company offering the job
location string City in which the job is located
title string Title of the job
added timestamp Unix timestamp of the job's posting date


Example JobResponse


Retrieve jobs in a certain field in a city

Retrieves the list of all jobs in a specified field and specified city.


Resource URL




city_identifier required The city from which you'd like to see a list of jobs. Should be one of atlanta, austin, berlin, boston, boulder, chicago, london, los-angeles, new-york-city, paris, san-francisco, silicon-valley, stockholm, tel-aviv, tokyo, toronto, vancouver, washington-dc
field_identifier required The field in which you'd like the returned jobs to be. Should be one of growth, internships, new-grad, dba, eng_mgmt, eng_fe, eng_mobile, eng_qa, eng_ops, eng, risk, bd, sales, project, design_ux, design_visual, design, product, marketing, legal, finance, community, hr, editorial, data, pr, ops, ecommerce, logistics, facilities, admin.