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Associate Account Manager at AppNexus
Founded 2007 - Raised $310.M

Founded 2008 - 50 employees - Raised $31.4M

Sales Engineer at Cloudability
Founded 2011 - 19 employees - Raised $9.81M

Client Solutions Engineer at Cover Genius
Founded 2009 - Raised $56.8M

Jewelry Sales Associate at Oscar's Gold & Diamonds
Founded 2013 - Raised $150.M

Account Coordinator at Return Path
Founded 1999 - 500 employees - Raised $97.2M

Enterprise Client Success Manager (CSM) at Schoology
Founded 2009 - Raised $25.1M

SaaS Sales Representative at Schoology
Founded 2009 - Raised $25.1M

SaaS Account Executive at Schoology
Founded 2009 - Raised $25.1M

Sales Operations Analyst at Shapeways
Founded 2007 - 20 employees - Raised $48.5M

Account Executive at Skillshare
Founded 2010 - Raised $10.7M

Caviar for Companies Account Executive at Square
Founded 2009 - 1000 employees - Raised $590.M

Sr Client Partner, Fin Serv at Twitter
Founded 2006 - Raised $1160M

Client Account Manager, CPG at Twitter
Founded 2006 - Raised $1160M

Revenue Strategy and Operations Manager at Twitter
Founded 2006 - Raised $1160M

Inside Sales Representative at Web Genius
Founded 2009 - Raised $56.8M

Sales Development Representative at ZocDoc
Founded 2007 - 450 employees - Raised $97.9M

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